Tips to Choose the Most Stunning Bouquet Ever

Tips to Choose the Most Stunning Bouquet Ever | Los Angeles Florist - Pink Clover

There may be hundreds of reasons to present a bouquet: Birthday, St. Valentine’s Day, Labor day, the birth of the first (second, third or tenth) child, dating, etc. However, if you choose the wrong variant, it’s possible not only to spoil the celebration but worsen the relationships with close people. It’s not enough to come to the nearest flower shop and buy the largest or the most expensive bunch.  When it comes to flower combinations, you should be very  careful.

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It’s not a secret that every blossom has a definite meaning. If your bouquet is assembled carelessly, without taking into account the preferences of the recipient of the gift, you may get in troubles. Yet, there are several rules that will help you to become a real bunch expert.

Don’t neglect the help of the expert.

The professional florist can assemble any flower composition. You have to define an occasion and your budget. However, the self-created bunch is more valuable. Sometimes the simple armloads of wildflowers mean more than the most sophisticated arrangement of roses and orchids.

Professional flowers bouquet from florist Mariana del Rey

The celebration does matter.

It means you have to take into account the event for which you are choosing the bouquet. For instance, the huge armload of red roses is a perfect choice or the St. Valentine’s celebration. It’s also acceptable to pick the beloved buds of your soulmate. The bunch for the Father’s Day should be reserved and modest. By the way, Father’s Day has its official flowers - white and red roses.

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The gender of the recipient.

It’s a great misunderstanding that only girls like flowers. The truth is the guys are happy to get stunning flower compositions, too. You can present adorable blooming roses or bright tulips and chrysanthemums.

The shape of the bouquet.

Many florists- beginners are surprised by the fact that bunches can be of different shapes. There are the following variants: cascading or shower, crescent, hand-tied, presentation, pomander, posy, and spray. You should keep in mind that there are definite flowers for definite shape.

Flowers bouquet different shapes types

The colors are your best helpers.

If you don’t know the exact meaning if this or that blossom, you can choose the proper color. For instance, the red buds are the symbols of devotion and love. The yellow vines express joyfulness and optimism. The beige variants are neutral.

Mixed colors flowers bouquet arrangement at Glendale, Beverly-Hills

Add accessories.

Nowadays the Internet provides us with a wide range of DIY ideas. You may assemble the blossoms by yourself. Alongside with proper vines, it’s necessary to add elements of accessories. They include jerky, duck tape, scratch-offs, and others.

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Allergy can spoil everything.

Before buying a bouquet, it’s better to get to know whether the recipient has an allergy or not. Otherwise, your gift is able to cause serious troubles with health.

To sum it up, it’s necessary to underline one more time - choosing the bouquet isn’t an easy task. However, the right choice creates an unforgettable impression.

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