The Killing Beauty: The Most Dangerous Flowers on the Planet

The Killing Beauty: The Most Dangerous Flowers on the Planet | Los Angeles Florist - Pink Clover

When it comes to flowers, most of the people imagine tender and charming blossoms that can add comfort and bring positive emotions. However, the biologists know for sure that flowers are not only beautiful. Some of them can be not only unsafe but deadly. That’s why you have to think twice before picking an unfamiliar flower. Here you can get to know about wonderful but poisonous plants on our planet.


hemlock poison

The residents of Europe and North Africa should be aware of this cute blossom. Tender white vines create a misleading impression. Your first desire is to pick the floret. You should do in no way. The plant is one of the most poisonous in the world. There is no antidote for it.

Water hemlock

hemlock water plants to avoid

This wildflower is closely related to the above-mentioned hemlock. However, it’s possible to stay alive after consuming it. This deadly blossom grows in North America. The most dangerous part is its root which is extremely toxic. The symptoms of poisoning include convulsions, nausea, and abdominal cramps.

Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart perennial herbaceous plants

The bright violet petals of the plant attract the attention of many people. Yet, you have to keep your hands off it. The entire vine is poisonous. It’s dangerous for both animals and living-beings. 

Flying Duck Orchid

flying duck orchid

Luckily, this floret grows only in Australia. It has a weird appearance. The flower itself looks like a real duck. However, the vine is tiny and very dangerous. No matter how strong your desire is to pick it, you shouldn’t do it.

English Broom

English broom

The plant is widely spread across England and Europe. The blossom looks like mini bananas. That’s why it’s especially dangerous for the children who want to taste its small buds. Unfortunately, the results of such experiments are fatal. The flower contains chemicals that cause a heart attack.

Nerium Oleander

nerium oleander vijayan madhavan

Everyone who meets this blossom wants to pick it. The crimson and creamy petals are appealing and magnificent. However, it’s not worth even breathing its odor. It may cause serious health problems. The plant is fully poisonous.



This flower has several nicknames: the devil’s helmet, wolf’s bane, and the poison queen. It is extremely toxic and may lead to the death of a person.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

Names are deceptive. The floret has so innocent name but is a ruthless killer indeed. The pink petals are tender but deadly.

No matter how much you like fauna, it’s not a good idea to pick every new blossom you find. Such a rule can save your life. However, most of the plants are safe and appealing. You can savor their beauty without fear to be  poisoned.

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  • I’m gonna try to explain a feeling that won’t make any sense:
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    I didn’t think It would be poison but It makes sense now.
    Its still very beautiful though:)

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