Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Flower And I Tell Who You Are

Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Flower And I Tell Who You Are | Los Angeles Florist - Pink Clover

Have you ever thought why different people like different flowers? Of course, it’s commonly known that tastes differ. However, the favorite flower can tell a lot about a person. In order to understand the character of your new neighbor, chef or girl you have sympathy for, it’s enough to ask them about their favorite flower. 

Flowers you are


Roses are one of the most popular flowers all over the globe. You can hardly find an individual who considers these red buds ugly or unattractive. It’s a great mistake to consider a person who selects roses to be old-fashioned or typical. People who prefer these amazing florets are led by their hearts but not heads. 


If you choose poppy, creativity is your second name. You are fond of parties and always try to get something new. People who admire poppies are enthusiastic individualities. 


If you always choose tulips and can’t imagine any bouquet without them, more likely, you are a thoughtful and confident person. Moreover, the color of the blossom does matter. The red color is preferred by those who are going to express declaration of love to everyone. The yellow color is preferred by optimistic and joyful individualities.  

Calla lily

Calla lily is characterized by a strong aroma and large bud. It’s weird but a person who adores this flower is a fan of minimalism in everything. It’s a choice of no-fuss aficionados.


A personality who admires daisies is a perfect friend. He or she is always optimistic and is the first person to be asked for help. Those who are fond of daisies are able to find something positive even in the worst situation.


The beauty of daffodils attracts family-oriented individuals. They put the family values in the first place. They prefer to spend their free time in the circle of close friends and relatives.


Do you like iris? If the answer is positive, it means you always do what you promise. It doesn’t matter how tired (or lazy) you are, if you promised, you would do. Moreover, more likely, you believe in ghosts and like visiting spiritual parties.


Not every people want to get an extra-large sunflower bouquet. If it’s true about you, your hobby is finding new friends. You are an easy-going character. It’s quite easy for you to find a common language with anybody.


This blossom is fragile and fastidious. However, the man who likes it is an honest and reliable friend. You are always telling the truth, no matter your friends like it or not.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that our likings and preferences tell a lot about ourselves, as well as about our friends. The next time you will pick up the flowers for your friend, pay attention to what he or she prefers. Perhaps, he or she pretends to be a person he/she isn’t.

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