How to Make Your Orchids Last Longer

How to Make Your Orchids Last Longer | Los Angeles Florist - Pink Clover

It’s difficult to imagine a house without any plant or flower. No matter how experienced the house owner is, he or she always tends to make dwelling cozier and more comfortable. Flowers are the most effective means to create an unparalleled atmosphere and add freshness to the  interior.

pink orchid

However, there is always a question - what flower to choose. In the shops, the shelves are crowded with plants of all possible colors and shapes. Everyone can find something to please his or her eyes and soul. Someone prefers small and neat buds, others are fond of gigantic plants. Yet, when it comes to the most amazing indoor flowers, orchids have no equal. You can’t but savor its elegant blooming and charming odor. However, the flower has one significant drawback. If you don’t care about it, it doesn’t last too long. That’s why if you’ve decided to become a lucky owner of orchids you have to consider the following information.

Sufficient light.

Light is a key factor when it comes to growing healthy plants. If you want to savor the tender beauty as long as possible you should create appropriate conditions. The main thing to remember is - no direct sunlight! If you want to put the plant on the windowsill, it’s better to hang a curtain first.

white phalaenopsis orchid vase

You shouldn’t be a professional florist to understand whether the orchid gets too much or too little light. Leaves are perfect indicators. They are to be of bright green color. It’s important to keep in mind that different varieties of floret need a different amount of light. By the way, the natural light may be easily replaced with an artificial one.

Bark or pebbles are the musts.

It’s interesting to know that orchids can’t grow independently. They need something to grow on.

silk white phalaenopsis orchid in glass vase

Temperature ranges are important.

The main problems with orchids are connected exactly with temperature-stress related disorders. In order to make your houseplant last longer, you should create intermediate temperature conditions. The ranges are about 0-80 F days and 55-65 F nights. However, it’s worth remembering that there are other types of vines which require different temperature ranges. It’s up to you to control day/night temperature differential.

white dendrobium orchid flowers

Don’t forget about the humidity.

The desirable humidity level is about 50% to 70%. You may choose between two types of watering: damping down or spraying. The afternoon is the best time to water the plant.

orchid care

No drafts!

Drafts are the worst enemies of the orchids. When placing a plant, you have to select an isolated place to minimize the possibility of accidental drafts.

orchid soft pink

Use fertilizer.

It’s a common misconception to believe that fertilizer is able to recover the plant in bad conditions. Actually, it’s not the truth. The fertilizers should be added when the floret is healthy. It makes the buds stronger and helps to overcome diseases.

phalaenopsis orchid hawaii

In conclusion, it should be stress that the famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is correct when it comes about houseplants, too: “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”.

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