How longer to save tulips bouquet

How longer to save tulips bouquet | Los Angeles Florist - Pink Clover

* Wash the vase and pour cold water. The ideal fluid temperature is 3-4 degrees Celsius. Ice may be added to the water for cooling. Tulips bloom in nature one of the first, so they like coolness.
* Fill the container for 6-7 cm. This amount is enough to provide flowers for the day.
* Make a straight cut on each stem and 1-2 vertical cuts in height of 0.5-1 cm. You will increase the area of ​​nutrient intake. Unlike plants with strong stems, such as roses, tulips do not need to cut diagonally. Under the weight of the flower, the thin part of the cut will be bent and block the access  of water to the bud.

tulips bouquet
* Remove leaves that are in contact with water. Extra greens take up nutrients and promotes the growth of bacteria.
* Change the water every day and wash the vase, especially the walls and bottom. In stagnant water, microbes are actively developing. Because of them, the flowers in the vase wilt quickly. To preserve the freshness of the plants and decontaminate the water will help special feed for cutting, for example, Chrysal. You can use antibacterial agents: a tablet of activated carbon or aspirin.
* Cut the stems 1 cm daily. Tulips can be grown in a vase. For growth they have enough fresh water. They gain strength, their petals become brighter, and the buds are larger. But under the weight of inflorescences the stems bend. This gives the composition a fading look. Care for the bouquet so that the heads of the flowers are raised.
* There is still a way to keep the buds from dropping. Pierce through the stem with a needle, at a distance of about 2-3 cm from the inflorescence. More oxygen will flow into the stem tissue and the flower will become stronger.

* Do not put tulips in the sun or near the battery. They do not tolerate heat. If there is a glazed balcony, and the temperature there does not fall below 0 degrees, take out the flowers for the night.
* Primroses are selfish and dislike neighborhoods with fruits, as well as other popular spring flowers: lilies, daffodils, roses, lilies and orchids.

The beauty of flowers does not require sacrifice, but special care is needed. Give the composition of tulips just 5-10 minutes a day, and in return they will give you spring mood and joy.

tulips bouquet

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