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Lilies began to grow many centuries ago. They were used to decorate the premises, used as medicines for various diseases, even added to food as a seasoning. Initially, it was a wild variety of flowering plants. However, the beauty of these flowers impressed people so much that they began to cultivate them at home. White flowers personified purity, innocence and great power. Therefore, they were mainly brought at the wedding to the bride or young wife.


Today, these bouquets are recommended to give as a sign of tender affection, strong romantic love. Flowers are great for decorating large areas with high ceilings. For home furnishings, it is advisable to choose lilies with a less pronounced Ideal Flower, which will give joy for a long time, will become a plant with an unopened bud.

Selection rules
Many are interested in how to choose the right bouquet so that it doesn’t wilt or lose its decorative effect the next day. In order not to be mistaken when choosing, pay attention to the following factors:
* if the stamens have acquired an intense orange hue, become wet, or the pollen has crumbled strongly, then such a flower should not be acquired. Most likely, he stood in the store more than one day;
* it is better to opt for a branch on which there are several full-blown and somewhat unopened buds. But at the same time, it is worth looking carefully so that there are no traces of cuts on the stem, which will tell you that the faded buds were cut off earlier;
* in a fresh plant, the cut will have a green color; if it has become gray or brown, then you should not buy such lilies;
* the leaves should not be rusty stains, dried areas, the color should be smooth, saturated, uniform over the entire surface.


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