Flower Festivals From All Over The World You Can’t Miss

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If the first spring flowers make you smile and bring you positive emotions, you will definitely appreciate an idea of visiting the world-famous parades and celebrations. They are held annually around the world. Such festivals provide you with the perfect opportunity to find new friends or just spend free time among like-minded people. Moreover, you can’t but discover new blossoms and plants. The only thing you should do is to choose the most appropriate event and book tickets.

Portland Rose Festival
Rose is considered to be the queen of the floweret world. That’s why there is no wonder that numerous festivities around all around the globe are devoted to this vine. One of the most colorful and remarkable is the Portland Rose Festival. It takes place at the beginning of June every year. The zest of the event is the Grand Floral Float Showcase.

Portland rose festival

The Battle of Flowers
It’s one of the most spectacular events. It takes place in Italy every two years. The full name of the celebration sounds like La Battaglia Dei Fiori. During two days people enjoy music, fireworks, and, of course, an unparalleled parade of flowers. You can observe amazing battles of floats made of colorful buds. The total amount of the used vines may reach 80 thousand.

La Battaglia Dei Fiori

This parade is held in the Netherlands and Belgium. People decorate cars, floats, and boats with flowers of various colors and sizes. It’s interesting to notice that in Zundert is held the largest flower parade in the whole world. However, you can see no other blossoms except dahlias during the event.


Canadian Tulip Festival
The carnival has a long and interesting history. It’s more than 60 years old. The residents of Ottawa receive the fascinating tulip bulbs from the Dutch Royal Family every year. The total number of bulbs is impressing – up to 100,000. The visitors can also visit different performances and savor the cuisines from all over the globe.

Canadian Tulip Festival

You have to go to the end of the earth to take part in this event. The festival is held in Australia every fall. Unlike the greater part of similar events, the celebration lasts longer than 2-3 days. You have 30 days to enjoy diverse flowers. The performance attracts not only the fans of vines. A wide range of available types of entertainment makes this celebration good for both adults and children.


National Cherry Blossom Festival
If you are sure that it’s not obligatory to pick the flower in order to savor its beauty, this holiday is a perfect variant for you. Washington, DC is the place for holding a ceremony. Every spring, more than 3,000 cherry trees please the eyes of the visitors. All the trees were presented to America by Japan which is famous for its blooming cherry gardens.

National Cherry Blossom Festival
In conclusion, it should be noticed that the above-mentioned festivals are only a few among the numerous possible variants. You can choose the most appropriate and interesting variant.


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